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things that make you feel powerful

matching lace underwear
heels (and the clicking noise they make when you walk and you know you lookin hot)
red lipstick
perfect coal black eyeliner
curled hair
freshly done nails
cute new clothes


Can't vid generation kill anymore. Partially because no one is interested and partially because I've run out of things to say. There's too much to say about GK and Brad and Nate in particular, but I guess everyone lost interest in my vid sines what you want me to say. It's not like I vid just for feedback, but... I assume, it sort of encouraged me.

So, no GenKill vids for now.

May be I'll translate my fics into English some time. For YAGKAS for instance.

Quick review of upcoming vids: Bondlock Sherlock/Vesper, Hemlock Grove, Doctor who whouffle vid

Good luck and have a nice day everyone :)